Soulless (Book 1 of the Timeless Series)

Cass’s life only got better when she became a vampire. Note the sarcasm. This isn’t the fun, sparkly-in-the-sunshine or are-all-super-attractive type of vampirism, oh no, that’s not Cass’s luck. It’s the sun-will-burn-your-skin-off, without-fresh-blood-you’ll-starve, and it’s-all-hell type of vampirism. And when she and her sire/mentor/random guy who showed up may have accidentally technically awakened magic more powerful than the Supernatural world can handle, the two must figure out who their allies are, and who their enemies are, and who they can trust to survive. And, yes, those are three separate categories. Welcome to the world of those that are timeless.

*Warnings posted before explicit scenes (and there aren’t that many)*

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