Arriel is the worst type of Other, but she’s also the only one of her kind that she, or anyone else in Star Edge camp, has ever known of. Sent off to find Kyr, an Other just as rare, her instructions are to convince him to come back with her. And if that doesn’t work, to do what she was concocted to do.
Kyr and his brothers know better than to believe that humans are the wronged party, no matter what the remaining history says. It doesn’t matter how pretty the girl chasing him is or what she thinks, he is not going to work for them.
Mik had two brothers. One was made in a lab, and she’s been separated from both, but they’re still hers. And they will be reunited, or else she has nothing to keep her going.
Atlas looks at piles of broken wood and ripped tents, left abandoned for over a decade, and sees a place he’s going to create as a haven for all–humans and Others. But in a world ruled by fear and fighting, he’s going to need his own soldiers.

You can also read this story on Inkitt, and on Wattpad.

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